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He was okay, but a few minutes later, the backdrop on the other side of the stage collapsed toward the audience.Thankfully no one was hurt, but I know I wasn’t the only one watching the backdrop with a nervous eye for the rest of the, for the uninitiated) will know that it wasn't actually the show's outstanding pilot episode 'Serenity' that aired on September 20, 2002, but rather the inferior (though still great) replacement episode 'The Train Job'.'s Mal Reynolds, until scheduling scuppered that plan and Fillion took the role.2.Executives at Fox (Browncoats, take a moment here to shake your fist) were unhappy with the fact that Wash and Zoe were married.From there, Fillion tangented off into a tirade about fans sending letters to his home.“There is nothing you can send, do, or say when you send it to my house that doesn’t say, ‘I’m crazy, and I know where you live.’” The next question was about the cast’s favorite memory about Joss.However, given Nathan Fillion’s reputation as a social media comedian, it would be best to keep your enthusiasm in check.

The world that Mal Reynolds inhabited was a vast one, with seemingly endless stories to tell.

Baldwin recalled watching Joss as filming began on Serenity.

He remembered seeing Joss looking “so happy,” and added, “That redemption he had …

According to Whedon, they wanted to leave open the possibility of romance between Wash and Zoe, and threatened not to pick up the show otherwise.

"I said, 'Then don't pick up the show, because in my show, these people are married.'"3.

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