Not updating table adapter

as you can see from the code below I've tried a few different methods of updating, but none seem to work.

I'm adding a new row to an Access 2010 database, and attempting to update the new row using Table Adapter. The code does not throw an exception, and it does not make a successful update to the database either.

Private Sub insert Row(job As String, part As String, cast Date As Date, inspect Date As Date, NCIR As Integer) Dim row As As_Cast_DBData Set.

As_Cast Row Dim adapter As New As_Cast_DBData Set Table Adapters.

Write Line("\n AFTER"); foreach (Customers Data Set. Yet I can run it as often as I wish - never are the changes written to the underlying database. There is no When you debug the application the mdf file is copied to the bin\debug folder and your changes are committed to the database there.

Rows) It works insofar as I do see the changes made to the dataset after "AFTER".

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Tried that but it says "No overload method to Fill takes 17 arguments".

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