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Not having any such remedy, they did not, as they could not, resort to it.After numerous delays and detentions caused by its enemies, the expedition sailed from Southampton, 22 November, 1633.In this enumeration the Catholics are set down at 166,941, which is, owing to the government method of computation, 15 per cent less than the actual claim of the church authorities.Other totals are: Baptists, 30,928; Disciples, or Christians, 2984; Dunkers, 4450; Friends, 2079; German Evangelicals, 8343; Lutheran bodies, 32,246; Methodists, 137,156; Presbyterians, 17,895; Reformed Presbyterians, 13,461; United Brethren, 6541.One of the thirteen English colonies which after the Revolution of 1776 became the original States of the American Union.Its total area is 13,327 square miles, of which 3386 square miles are water.The federal census of 1910 gives it 558,485 inhabitants as against 508,957 in 1900.

[See Russell, "Land of Sanctuary" (Baltimore, 1907), passim.By an arrangement previously made by Lord Baltimore the expedition stopped at Cowes, in the Isle of Wight, and took on board the Jesuit Fathers Andrew White and John Altham ( alias Gravenor) with some lay brothers and servants.The general description of the personnel of the expedition is that it consisted of "twenty gentlemen adventurers", all of whom, with perhaps one exception, were Catholics and of good families.Of all the territory embraced within the boundaries clearly set out in the charter, "the grantee, his heirs, successors and assigns, were made and constituted the true and absolute lords and proprietaries".Sir George Calvert, having become a convert to the Catholic faith in 1625, with his son Cecilius, then nineteen years of age, withdrew from public office, and sailed for Avalon in Newfoundland, a charter for which province had been granted him by King James.

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