Verizon updating evdo

But my EVDO card (which has worked well in cities for years) was only connecting at “National Access” speeds here – faster than dialup but not much faster.

Tech support assured me that EVDO is here; certainly the map showed our location as blue (covered).

This list tells your card which towers to look for when establishing connection, including towers from other carriers that Sprint/Verizon has roaming agreements with.

As new EVDO towers are installed or new roaming agreements are reached, your PRL will become out of date because it won't know to hunt for these new towers.

Verizon Wireless (VZW) is updating the radios in their cellular sites to support EVDO (cellular broadband) at an impressive rate.

My experience with EVDO is that I routinely get download speeds higher than 1 megabit per second and upload speeds of 400-600 kilobits per second (both better than basic DSL).

Just in case some people do not know, there should be a new PRL update if anyone hasn't checked in a while.

I’m giving them a plug here because they are at least a short-term fix for many people in rural areas who, up until now, had no option but satellite (My VZW phone first started showing the presence of EVDO about six months ago both here on nerd hill and at friends’ houses in places as remote as Bear Swamp.

I could log into the admin pages (Mi Fi hotspot) and disconnect then reconnect and it would usually come back to EVDO.

But recently, I began having a lot of downshifts to 1x RTT and was seeing a much weaker signal (-90dbm range). There is only one 3g capable tower within my reach and according to T. last year, a part of the problem was when that signal deteriorated enough, my modem would find another tower in the opposite direction that was 1x RTT only.

So, I bought a "sort of" directional antenna (Wilson panel) which seemed to help.

When I returned, I would do the same, update the PRL. Recently, I have had a weak signal (-90 dbm range) and LOTS of reverting to 1x RTT. Question: Will the PRL simply update back to the Alltel first PRL when I return from traveling? every time I return from traveling to have them reassign a hybrid PRL - ya think?

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Apparently, my Mi Fi had reverted back to a non-hybrid PRL in the process of updating while traveling and returning.

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